How Can I Register My Mobile In Pakistan?

How can I check my mobile tax in Pakistan?

How does the table above calculate taxes?Regulatory Duty (Based on phone prices in USD) If $1 to $30 = PKR 180.

Sales Tax (Based on phone prices in USD) If $1 to $30 = PKR 150.

WHT – Withholding Tax.

If $1 to $30 = PKR 70.

IT Duty = 9%Mobile Levy (based on phone prices in PKR) …

Provincial Tax = 0.9%.

How can I import my phone in Pakistan?

In order to import a smartphone to Pakistan via post or courier, you will require a Certificate of Compliance (CoC). This will legalize your device and make Customs release your package. Thanks to the online PTA mobile registration portal, you can apply for CoC without much hassle.

How do you unlock a blocked PTA phone?

How To Unblock Your Phone Blocked By PTA And How To Register Mobile With PTA and Pay TaxesStep 1: Signup. Go to PTA official website and get your phone registered, by clicking on the tab “Online Mobile Registration” after clicking this tab a new form will open. … Step 2: Login and Submit. … Step 3: Wait And Pay The Taxes.

Do I need to register my phone in Pakistan?

You are not required to register or pay any duty charges on mobile devices that will be used on a roaming network (a foreign SIM card). … You do not need to register if you are carrying a phone that was used in Pakistan with a local service provider SIM before December 1, 2018.

How much is mobile registration tax in Pakistan?

Fbr mobile tax list 2020 is finally here. We have updated our pta mobile tax fee list in this blog….fbr mobile tax list 2019.Serial NoMobile actual priceApplicable tax1$30-100Rs3,6002$100-200Rs5,4003$200- $350Rs7,2004$350-500Rs20,7001 more row•Jan 23, 2020

How many mobile phones can I take to Pakistan 2020?

For people bringing in phones from abroad, as per personal baggage rules. One phone per annum is allowed duty free and up to a maximum of 5 phones in a year can be brought in. The duty on remaining 4 will have to be paid if you require service in Pakistan beyond 30 days.

How can I register my mobile IMEI number in Pakistan?

Method 1: Via SMS by sending the IMEI number to 8484IMEI is compliant Device IMEI is Valid. Insert SIM and make a call/SMS to anyone on or before 20/10/18 date for auto registration.Device IMEI is non-compliant. … Device IMEI is blocked.

Can I bring mobile to Pakistan?

As per Government of Pakistan’s Law, an international passenger can bring in 5 (five) mobile phones per year to Pakistan for personal use.

How mobile is approved by PTA?

Mobile device can also be registered by dialing *8484# or visiting this link: All IMEI(s) (dual SIM) of mobile device must be registered. The public is advised to always buy PTA approved mobile devices.

How do I check PTA verification?

It is pertinent to mention here that, through Device Verification System (DVS) telecom consumers can verify authenticity of their mobile devices in line with PTA regulations via SMS to 8484 and to check the status of IMEI log on or download DIRBS android mobile app form google and apple play …

How much tax do I pay on mobile in Pakistan airport?

Regulatory DutyValue of phone in US DollarsTaxation$1 to $60Rs. 250$61 to $13010% of valueOver $13020% of valueDec 11, 2018

What is FBR duty tax on mobile?

2,430 has been proposed to be reduced by more than half to Rs. 1200. Similarly, the Regulatory Duty of Smartphones worth above $200 and up to $350 will be slashed by Rs….FBR All Set to Reduce Duties on Imported Phones by Up to 50%Mobile Phones (C&F Value in USD)Existing RD (Rs)Proposed RD (Rs)Upto 30165165Above 30 and upto 10016201000Above 100 and upto 200243012003 more rows•Sep 16, 2019

Is 1 mobile registration free in Pakistan?

PTA allows registration of one device free of cost if you are coming back to Pakistan from abroad. If you have more than one then you have to register the other mobile devices. You need to pay relevant tax for the device if you want to use that mobile device in Pakistan for more than 60 days.

How can I pay tax on my mobile in Pakistan?

To pay a mobile registration tax, you have to access this link ( After opening the link, click on Sign up.

What if mobile is not registered with PTA?

Only those phones cannot be registered with PTA that are not original or are a copy of original phones. They would ultimately face permanent blocking. Anyone can check whether his/her phone is registered with PTA or not through sending an SMS carrying a 15-digit IMEI number of the phone to 8484.

How can I register my mobile PTA for free?

Step 1: Start off with dialling *8484#. Step 2: Reply with ‘1’ to start with the registration process. Step 3: Reply with ‘1’ if you are a citizen or with ‘2’ if a temporary foreigner. Step 4: Reply with ‘1’ if it is your first device to be registered which will be registered free of cost.

How do I get PTA to accept my phone?

They are as follows:1) SMS: If you know your IMEI, send it to the following number: 8484 via SMS. … 2) PTA’S website: The Second way to register your mobile is through the PTA website. … 3) Mobile Phone App: Download the DIRBS App, and follow the instructions to verify and get your phone registered.

How can I register my mobile in PTA with passport?

To obtain the 15 digital IMEI, dial *#06# from dial pad of device.Enter your Passport No:Select the reason for your Device Registration:Enter your Contact Number:Select the number of sim slot of the Handset and note IMEIs:EMAIL (Registration Request)