Question: Can I Use 6mm Cable For A 8.5 Kw Shower?

Is 6mm cable OK for a cooker?

The cable should be selected to cater for the Maximum load of the circuit, the MCB is selected to protect the cable.

Now the regulations allow for a 145% increase in current carrying capacity for 1 hour to allow for the MCB tripping so using a 6mm for a maximmum load od 32A with a 32A MCB is acceptable..

How many watts can a 10mm cable take?

Single-Core 90°C Thermosetting Insulated Cables, Non-Armoured, with or without SheathCurrent-carrying Capacity (amperes):Conductor cross-sectional areaReference Method A (enclosed in conduit in thermally insulating wall etc.)Reference Method C (clipped direct) Spaced by one cable diameter64559106181168110924 more rows

Can 6mm take 40a?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians 6mm twin and earth cable (which this almost certainly is) can be backed up by a maximum of a 32a MCB, even lower if other factors are involved. You’ll need that 10mm cable and a 40a MCB unfortunately as your shower is going to draw over 32a.

Can you replace a 7.5 kW shower with a 8.5 kW?

A 7.5kw shower can be supplied using a 4mm cable, but for 8.5kw, you will need at least 6mm cable. Changing the fuse/circuit breaker would allow the shower to work but the cable could overheat and presents a fire risk.

What size cable do you need for a 8.5 kW shower?

Cable Sizes by kW RatingkW Electric Shower RatingRecommended Cable Size7500 (7.5 kW)10mm28000 (8 kW)10mm28500 (8.5 kW)10mm29000 (9 kW)10mm27 more rows•Apr 8, 2020

Can a 6mm cable be used on a 9.5 kW shower?

9.5kW is either 39A or 41A depending on the voltage it is rated at. 6mm cable is 47A when installed in the most favourable conditions. So 6mm could be used, depending on how it is installed. However it would be usual to use 10mm which would allow the fitting of a higher rated shower either now or in the future.

Can I run a 10.5 kW shower on 6mm cable?

Just to throw a spanner in the works, a 6mm cable will be fine for a 10.5kW shower if no derating factors apply, such as insulation or ambient temperature.

What is 6mm cable used for?

6mm cable is normally used to power a cooker and or a hob. In older propertys you may find it has been run in to supplie a shower however 10mm is more appropriate now.

What size fuse do I need for a 9.5 kW shower?

A 9.5kW shower should be installed with 10mm2 cable with a fuse rating of 40-45A, NOT 6mm2 ! It should also be RCD or RCBO protected.

Can you replace a 8.5 kW shower with a 9.5 kW?

3 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians A 10mm twin and earth cable on a 40 breaker is adequate for a 9.5 kw shower as long as it is protected by a 30 ma rcd.

How many kw can a 4mm cable carry?

For example, in optimum conditions, sheathed multi-core p.v.c.-insulated 4mm^2 cable could safely support a load of up to 8640 Watts at 240V. In adverse conditions, the same cable might safely support a load of no more than 5520 Watts. Tim Cooke, Construction Worker.

Can I replace a 9kw shower with a 9.5 kW?

you don’t have to change the wiring, what you have will do fine. just check that the mcb is big enough, some electric showers call for 45 amp – though if you are going down from a 9.5 to a 9kw it should be fine.

Can you connect 6mm cable to 2.5 mm cable?

Yes you can. BUT, I would be inclined to put a FCU on the end of the 6mm cable then run a 2.5 mm cable to where ever you want.

Can I fit a 8.5 kW shower on a 6mm cable?

6mm cable, depending on the run, is likely to be fine for an 8.5kW shower. Rcd protection is helpful, but bonding and cross bonding are far more important.

What kW can a 6mm cable take?

9.5kW is either 39A or 41A depending on the voltage it is rated at. 6mm cable is 47A when installed in the most favourable conditions. So 6mm could be used, depending on how it is installed….How many amps 6mm cable can carry?Cable sizeRating in Amps1.5mm202.5mm274mm376mm47Apr 17, 2020

Is a 9.5 kW shower powerful?

Electric showers, 8.5kW, 9.5kW or 10.5kW will all run completely independent of the water system you have in place. … By looking for electric showers – 8.5kW or higher power ratings, you can be guaranteed of a hot shower, no matter whether you have any hot water in your tank.

Is a 7.5 kW shower any good?

7.5kW and 8.5kW electric showers If your household hosts a smaller water tank or an unreliable water supply, this range of kW rates will probably suit you best. 7.5kW and 8.5kW shower rates require less power so the gentler flow of water will mean your shower is unlikely to ever run cold.

Can I make my electric shower more powerful?

3) If you still want a stronger shower, you can sometimes fit a water pump or pressurised cylinder to your existing system to boost the flow. … Power showers use your hot and cold water supplies to feed the flow via an electrically driven pump.

What is the lowest kW shower?

7.5kWElectric showers vary in power. The lowest power is usually 7.5kW while the highest is generally 10.5kW. Higher wattage electric showers are often considered to be better, though the wattage you choose depends on how much you want to spend; higher-powered options usually cost more.

What size cable do I need for 30 amps?

Any circuit fused for 30 amps must use a minimum of 10 ga copper or 8 ga alu. Longer runs may require an upgrade of wire size. In your case, use at least 10 copper for your welder regardless how far it is from the breaker panel.

What size cable do I need for 32 amps?

For 32 amps you would require 6mm twin and earth cable.