Question: How Much Does It Cost To Sell Your Car On CarGurus?

Can you negotiate price on CarGurus?

2 Answers.

Car sales are ALWAYS negotiable.

Most sellers expect the buyer to ask for a lower ‘best price.

‘ If you’re paying cash or with a cashier’s check instead of financing the car, that’s another plus on your side for negotiation since it means a faster sale..

How do I sell my CarGurus?

To list your car for sale, click on the Sell My Car tab at the top of the home page and follow the prompts. The easiest way to enter your vehicle information is to input your VIN. We will fill out the rest! You can use our pricing tool to make sure you listing is competitive in your market.

How much does it cost to sell CarGurus?

The listing is free, but it costs $99 when the vehicle sells.

Is CarGurus free to sell?

From the terms and conditions . Please note that the $99 fee will be charged only if you choose to finalize the sale through our partner Autopay. Listing your vehicle is free!