Question: Is 9 Anime Illegal?

Where can I watch anime illegally?

Best Illegal Anime Streaming Apps And Anime Websites In

It stands as one the best anime site with fans in the highest number.


This website is designed based on Japanese style.


Chia is the fastest anime site because of its update feature.

Hulu provides you a variety of options for anime films, series, and dramas.

Is 9 anime banned in India?

Which are the Anime Sites to be blocked in India? … As a result of the plea’s acceptance, the blacklisted sites include-YourBitTorrent2 and, along with anime websites such as Kissanime, Kisscartoon, Gogoanime, 9anime, Horriblesubs, and many others.

AnimeLab is a free & legal Anime streaming service delivering the very best shows, movies and simulcasts direct from Japan.

Not sure what link you found but long story short, yes it is legal for you to watch anime on this site. If you can view the video than CR has the streaming rights to whatever “region” you reside in. If it doesn’t have the rights for your region the video simply won’t load.

Can kissAnime give you a virus?

kissAnime is free from virus; thus it does not give you a virus. The official kissAnime is safe for your use and does not give you a virus. However, there are tons of mirror websites, for kissAnime, which are not safe.

Is 9 anime safe?

However, 9anime is safe to use and watch anime online for visitors. It’s intended as an anime streaming website, not a scam. Your biggest problem while browsing will likely be some troublesome ads, but you won’t have to worry about the site giving you a virus or causing any security problems on your computer.

The question is Gogoanime, Kissanime is it legal has been asked by several people. The answer is yes, it is legit but not totally. The site is running legally, but it is showing the content illegally. All the content available on this site is someone’s intellectual property.

Why has Gogoanime shut down?

Although there is no official statement explaining that temporary shutdown, it may have been due to website maintenance. This isn’t the first time that GoGoAnime was shut down because users encountered the same problems a few years back.

Can you go to jail for watching anime?

Can I go to jail because of watching anime on Kissanime or other illegal sites? Depends. Users of piracy sites can be sued or fined. If you refuse to pay, you may do some time in jail.

Yes. They license the anime they dub. If you watching their anime through their service or another service which legally licensed their shows then it’s legal. If you’re watching it from a pirate site that’s illegal but that’s the site and you doing something illegal not FUNimation.

Is watching anime on Kissanime illegal?

Using Kissanime is not illegal, downloading and having the episodes on your computer would be illegal, and kissanime/wherever the video is hosted from is illegal. This can also be different between countries, example in Finland it isn’t punishable to just download movies and TV shows from Internet.