Quick Answer: Why Does Planning Permission Take So Long?

Can you apply to extend a planning permission?

An applicant or agent who submitted the original planning application can apply to extend the period of implementation.

You will have to submit your application on the Application for a new planning permission to replace an extant planning permission form in order to extend the time limit for implementation..

How do I find out if planning permission has been granted?

How do I check if planning permission has been granted for a development? You can inspect the Planning Register in the Planning Department. Planning Lists and Drawings can be viewed at the Planning Public Counter or at the following links or by clicking on the Search Planning Records link on the right hand side menu.

What does statutory expiry date mean in planning?

Statutory expiry date This is the date after which the applicant can appeal to the planning inspectorate for a decision on the application if the council has not issued its decision.

Do I need planning permission for an extension UK?

All side extensions of more than one storey will require householder planning permission. On Article 2(3) designated land* all rear extensions of more than one storey will require householder planning permission.

What is outline planning permission?

Applications for outline planning permission seek to establish whether the scale and nature of a proposed development would be acceptable to the local planning authority, before a fully detailed proposal is put forward. This type of planning application allows fewer details about the proposal to be submitted.

What is the maximum extension without planning permission?

How big can you build an extension without planning? The permitted development rules have recently been relaxed, allowing you to build an extension without planning permission of up to six metres (or eight metres if your house is detached).

How long does it take for a planning application to be validated?

Normally, most minor and small-scale applications should be validated within three to five working days from the date of receipt. Major applications should be validated within ten working days.

What happens after planning permission is granted?

By law, any planning permission granted expires after a certain period. Generally, unless your permission says otherwise, you have three years from the date it’s granted to begin the development. If you haven’t started work by then, you will probably need to reapply.

What do you need for planning permission?

Most planning applications need you to submit two plans as supporting documents: a location plan, which shows the site and the surrounding area, and a site plan, which shows the proposed development in detail. You can buy both online from one of the Planning Portal’s accredited suppliers, listed here.

How do I stop planning permission expiring?

In order to stop planning lapsing on a site with full planning you can either; Submit a Planning Renewal application – whereby you re-submit the original planning application, at one-quarter of the original fee price.

Who decides planning permission?

Planning Committee The report recommends approval or refusal for the proposed development. But the Planning Committee is responsible for granting or refusing planning permission. The council should make a decision on your application within eight weeks. But it can take longer to decide large or complex applications.

Do you need planning permission for rear extension?

Generally, you will not need planning permission for: Building an extension to the rear of the house which does not increase the original floor area of the house by more than 40 square metres and is not higher than the house.

Can you check for planning permission before buying a house?

If you want to check planning permission before you buy the property you can either contact the local council or start a check on this website. A smart thing to do before buying a house will be checking its planning permission before committing to buying the property. This is the minimum due diligence you should carry.

How can I get a floor plan of my house UK?

How To Find Building Plans For My HouseVisit Your Local Municipality Office. … Contact Your Realtor. … Contact The Home’s Former Owners. … Contact The Building Inspector’s Office. … Talk To Neighbours. … Consult Fire Insurance Maps. … Contact Your Architect Or Contractor. … Check Other Sources For Information.

How long does planning permission usually take?

eight weeksThe decision-making process Most planning applications are decided within eight weeks, unless they are unusually large or complex, in which case the time limit is extended to 13 weeks. The authority should be able to give you an idea about the likely timetable.

How long does outline planning last UK?

5 yearsOutline Planning Permission has a duration of 5 years usually; however, the time limited condition of any application can be bespoke. The first 3 years are generally the reseved matters period but the approval is valid for 5 years generally.

Can you do your own drawings for planning permission?

You can do your own plans. They don’t have to be too fancy for something like a garage, but they do need to have all the important information on them. (Address, name, dimensions, materials etc.)

What happens if you do something without planning permission?

If you do require planning permission but you proceed without it, you will have committed a planning breach. In the event of a planning breach, you will need to submit a retrospective application to the local council. If this is successful, you will not need to take any further action.